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Bluphoria ‘Set Me Up’ Lyric Video – OUT NOW!

September 9, 2022

Back To Bassics: Selecting The Single

August 31, 2022

SELECTING THE SINGLE… As an artist in the business, it is incredibly important that the label feels you have a single(s) in your album repertoire, before introducing your music to the world. We need a song that best represents your unique sound, your signature identities, has solid structure and a great hook that will connect with […]

Rock The Voice: Vocal Harmonies

August 31, 2022

A Tip for Learning Vocal Harmonies…  Adding harmonies to your background vocals helps bring your songs to life, and it gives them character. Harmony is when you combine a minimum of 2 notes to the main vocal line.  For example, on a piano the G major chord consists of 3 notes, G (root note), B […]

Bluphoria: Debut Single Out Now!

August 19, 2022

Exciting news today as Oregon-based band, Bluphoria, has dropped their debut single under EDGEOUT Records!  The new track is titled “Set Me Up,” and was created in collaboration with the band and renowned Producer, Mark Needham (The Killers, 1975, Fleetwood Mac.)    You can check out the new release HERE, as it is now available on […]

ASHBA: Blabbermouth Magazine

August 4, 2022

All eyes are on ASHBA with his latest single release, titled ‘Malosa.’ recently published an article about the track, encompasing  ASHBA’s journey from rock and roll legend into Guitar Dance Music pioneer.      Read the full article HERE. 

Rock The Voice: Emotion in Vocals

August 1, 2022

Bringing Out the Emotion in Your Songs There’s no greater feeling than a fan streaming a song or going to a concert and hearing their favorite band or singer perform and being filled with emotion because they felt every lyric. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and it has the ability to move us […]

Back to Basics: Syncing to Sell!

August 1, 2022

Syncing to Sell!  As an artist in the business, you need to think about how to monetize your music over various platforms.    Syncing and placement opportunities within film, television, commercials –  or any media platform can not only help launch your career and evolve you to a more known artist … but can also […]

Bluphoria Nashville Voyager Feature

July 22, 2022

Bluphoria frontman Reign LaFreniere recently did an exclusive interview with Nashville Voyager Magazine, where he talked all things music and the backstory behind the bands’ musical journey thus far.  Read the full article HERE.  ( )  

ASHBA: Pre-Save ‘Malosa’

July 14, 2022

ASHBA is dropping a new single soon, titled ‘MALOSA.’  The upcoming GDM track features artist Natty ASHBA, and is set to be released on July 29,2022.  You can pre-save ‘MALOSA’ HERE.   

Back to Basics: Are You a Diamond in the Rough?

June 30, 2022

As an A&R Director, when I’m looking for new talent to sign…. What do I look for?  Well, let me break it down…    1. Do they have a UNIQUE sound?  Is their sound “uniquely familiar?” Does it have distinct and signature guitar tones, lead vocals and an overall edge?   If so, I then ask […]