StrateJacket Talk On Their New Debut EP


California-based punk band, StrateJacket, released their latest EP, self-titled, StrateJacket, May 10th. The band includes Jackson Roemers (vocals and guitar), Fabian Angel (bass), and Nate Mangold (drums). StateJacket’s music consists of youthful anthems filled with fast and upbeat tempos. Their sound is reminiscent of classic past punk rock bands as Stratejacket continues to carry the torch. Their latest EP includes five songs from the band’s electric new discography that perfectly aligns with their punk identity. We spoke with StrateJacket ahead of the release of their latest EP. 

How did everybody meet and how did the band originally start?

Nate: Well, you guys were already a band before I joined the band. But you had a different drummer and I was also in a different band, but we played at the same venue in 2019. And then I saw them play while I was in another band, and then eventually due to Covid my band kind of stopped really practicing, and then I guess you guys didn’t like your drummer or whatever. You wanted a better drummer. And then they slid into my DMs and they pretty much asked me to join their band and jam with them in 2020. Then I started jamming with them after they asked me if I wanted to join the band, and we hit it off from there.

Jackson: That’s pretty accurate. I would say that we really started this version of the band when Nate joined. We changed our name and we released our first songs with Nate. So we were a band before, but we really became an actual band when he joined.

Going back to during the pandemic, you were going by a different name and then you switched it. What was the origin of the name that you have now?

Nate: I just wrote a bunch of names down on my notes app that were just random ass words that just sounded cool to me. And this one sounded the least dumb, I guess. So we landed on that one. I think this was the only one I really asked if they liked because I thought the other ones were just way too dumb to even mention. So this was the least dumb (name) I could think of, and they liked it enough to change it to our name now.