Stratejacket – Touring and the Writing Process

Stratejacket has been hard at work curating a list of tracks with our Head of A&R, Cheryl Benson-Guanci, to produce a debut album they are proud to present to the rock and roll community. This young and talented trio has been working relentlessly on writing sessions, on top of the plethora of live shows they have been playing up and down the coast of California. 

When asked about this process, frontman Jackson Roemers stated: 


“The writing process we’ve been going through has been tough on us, honestly, but we can tell it’s tightening up our songs and making them something that can be enjoyed on a larger scale than what we had originally envisioned. We have started writing songs collaboratively, spitballing ideas off each other, laughing, and enjoying what we’re doing more than ever because the experience has brought us more together than we’ve been before. – Jackson Roemers


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