Stratejacket – Development Updates and Shows

STRATEJACKET has been busier than ever with their development process, especially with writing new material for their debut album. In terms of new music, you can expect a blend of 90s soaked alternative punk – with a poppy spin. The band loves to incorporate their own signature style of “speedy riffs, snappy bass, and whirlwind drums.”


Frontman Jackson Roemers said – 

 “With the help of the wonderful people at EDGEOUT/UMG/UMe we’re gearing up to record our first album. It will contain all the fun energy you hear on our demos with a new sound and new tunes.”


The band also recently performed in Las Vegas, NV – for our #Happens event! There is so much to come for this young breaking band–, it was wonderful to get to showcase them to radio programmers and industry executives from across the country. 


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