SF Sonic Covers The Jacks’ Coronavirus Experience

SF Sonic got in touch with Scott Stone of The Jacks to speak with him about what effect COVID-19 has had on touring, fans, and creativity: 

How has the pandemic affected your touring plans?

Unfortunately we were slated for a full national headlining tour (our first one), we got about 5 dates into it and had to pull the plug. Luckily our super agent, Dan Boyle at APA, was able to reschedule it so now we are just hoping those dates will happen.

What are you doing to keep your creative juices going?

This quarantine has given us the time to truly focus on our debut album. Before this, we were cautiously optimistic about the time we would actually have to work on the new music. We are really proud of our first two EP’s but feel that this debut album will be our first true stamp in the music world.

How are you keeping your fanbase interested?

The quarantine has also allowed us to find new ways to interact with our fans through social media. Between live streams, teases of new music, and general updates we feel more connected to our fans than ever before.


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