The Revelries: Year End Recap

This year has changed everything for The Revelries. For them, nearly each month has held a different learning experience, difficulty, or excitement of the music industry. 

Starting in January, The Revelries were officially signed to EDGEOUT records, and began their development in The STUDIO program with a trip to Los Angeles. Through the next 6 months, the band was one-on-one with EOR’s head of A&R learning how to write, perform, and look like full fledge rock stars. Each song, every performance, and even their individual ‘look’s were enhanced and advanced with the band’s hard work and our A&R’s knowledgeable guidance. Every trial and tribulation we put them through proved that they’re truly ready to be artists in the business.

During the development process, The Revelries came down with Covid-19, survived the most active hurricane season in Louisiana history, and moved to Nashville. They also expanded their social media, posting live performance videos and plenty of content to tide their fans over.

Post development, The Revelries only goal was to get into a studio to record their debut album, the songs they had been grueling over for months. After 2 months of wading through red tape, the guys finally got to go into the studio with legendary, Grammy nominated producer Matt Wallace in September 2020. The record was recorded in just one month, with the guys going into the studio nearly every day for 10-12 hours at a time. (Currently, the music is being mixed and will be ready for release in Winter of 2021!)

Since finishing their debut record, the band has given their all to developing their presence on Tiktok and connecting with their fans in the best way they know how: through humor and genuine talent. The Revs are more than just fantastic musicians and song writers;  they’re funny, relatable, wholesome guys who just want the world to have as much fun as they do everyday. 

Now more than ever, they’re ready to release their music and get back on stage to see all of your smiling faces! Here’s to 2021!