The Revelries Say Goodbye

We are heartbroken to announce that Jack Gonsoulin, Bassist of The Revelries, has decided to step away from the band. We whole-heartedly respect Jack’s decision and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. His contribution to The Revelries will not be forgotten, and he will remain a very good friend of ours and the band. 

Gounsoulin, also a LSU grad, with a seasoned musical background from previous bands, brought in yet another dynamic to the band. Right now, he is irreplaceable – and our quartet is a trio, who will have to fill Jack’s very charismatic shoes on stage. Jack did play one last (socially distanced) show with the band, this past Thursday to a sold-out crowd of adoring fans, who we’re sure will miss him very much. 

Good luck, Jack! We hate to see you go, but we can’t wait to see you succeed!