Preview Of The Live ASHBA Experience

It is no secret that ASHBA has been hard at work during this last year. Though he has not been able to perform, he has not been slacking on his live show.

ASHBA has taken the last few months to perfect his show to a T for (pandemic permitting) performances in the fall and potentially summer. During the 45-minute experience, every second is filled with music and stunning visuals. The show will be automated to track every movement ASHBA makes across the stage, offering an ever-engaging, hypnotizing event you won’t want to miss. With mind-blowing graphics, a stunning LED light show, and a mystery DJ, this show will be like nothing EDM crowds have ever seen before. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry – the performance will also include beautiful dancers and Cir De Sole performers. Musically, the show will feature a combination of remixes and ASHBA’s jam-worthy originals and he will be performing with his signature Schecter guitars. For all you gear heads out there, we can tell you that he’ll be using his blinged-out baby and his new green goblin! 

This ASHBA live experience will be everything you’ve been wanting and more! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @djashba and on TikTok @ASHBA to stay up to date with everything ASHBA!