Preparing For Your Live Show

As the world opens back up and vaccines become more available to everyone, shows are slowly coming back as well! If you want to start booking again, you’ve got to be prepared to put on a face-melting show…or at least a show that will melt their faces into their masks. Either way, we’ve prepared some tips and reminders to help you leave it all on the stage. 

1. Your Stage Plot 

Preparing a stage plot is integral, especially for the smallest venues. You want to know where everyone will be, how they will move, and where they’ll move. The last thing you want is an awesomely enthusiastic frontman falling over the bassist because their moves were uncoordinated. Additionally, each band member should be working their section of the stage to the best of their ability, so the entire crowd can feel the energy of the band.

2. Your Set List

If you’re a baby band, throw some crowd-pleasing covers in your set. They don’t have to be the only thing you play, but they will help the crowd get amped for your originals since they’ve already been singing along. If you’re established, and the crowd is coming to see you play – be sure to play your most popular song at the end of the set and open with the second and third most popular. This will hype the crowd, make them want to hear the new stuff, and stay for their favorite. 

3. Engaging With The Crowd

Everyone might be wearing masks – hell, everyone might be in a ‘pod’ – but that doesn’t mean you can’t melt faces while socially distant. You might have to be a little more flamboyant to get the crowd revved up, but giving people the time of their lives (fresh out of quarantine) is well worth the extra effort. Work the crowd as well as you can, and leave it all on stage. Give the people the show you’d want to see. 

4. Stage-Wear

Just because you gained the quarantine 15 doesn’t mean you can go on stage in sweat pants – dress better than you normally would, and feel good about how you look. If you look like a rockstar, you’ll feel like a rock star, and people will believe that you are one. 

5. Self Promotion

When you get on stage, remember to introduce yourselves. Don’t leave the stage without naming everyone in the band, what your latest release is, where people can listen to it, and how they can find you on social media. The only way people can become fans, outside of seeing you live at a show, is online – do your due diligence and do right by your music!