LIKE A STORM RELEASES ‘Sinners & Saints’

Like A Storm have shared a new single “Sinners & Saints,” a track about the duality and struggle of the human condition. The track is out now via EDGEOUT Records/UMG/UMe.

The track is about, “The war inside all of us between our intentions of perfection, and the imperfect reality of what it means to be human,” says singer and guitarist Chris Brooks.

The band from New Zealand is known for blending the Didgeridoo with heavy riff-driven music. Talking about staying true to the band’s classic Like A Storm roots with their high energy, heavy guitars, and powerful drums on “Sinners & Saints,” Brooks added, “In many ways, experiencing that inner conflict might be one of the few things we all share in this world. Despite best intentions, each of us has a side within us that we try to hide. And maybe by addressing this shared struggle, we can start to accept and work through it.”