Jonny Stanback of The Jacks Teams Up With School of Rock

Today, April 13, 2020 – the 29th day of Los Angeles’ Quarintine – Jonny of The Jacks teamed up with the aclaimed, international School of Rock  to present an educational workshop to all of SOR’s students from around the world. The privet event was livestreamed into the homes of thousands of students featuring a performance, a segment on song writing, and a Q&A!

School of Rock in cooperation with the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is working on a series of virtual masterclasses/clinics for their 40,000+ students around the world who are currently participating in School of Rock Remote. It is to help provide a sense of normalcy during this crazy time, and we are so proud that Jonny could join them!

To check out School of Rock, click here!