The Jacks Write Their Next Record

This past month has been a busy and thrilling time for The Jacks! Their second single, Just A Little Bit, came to radio, premiering an exclusive alternative cut; the track has already been picked up by several alternative rock stations throughout the country in the two weeks it has been out. 

The band has also had their two reimagined EPs come out over the last two weeks, with high praise from their fan base. The EPs feature all of The Jacks original tracks categorized by the mood of the song. To listen to. ‘I Don’t Mind‘ and ‘Have You Heard The News‘ click here!

The Jacks have been pounding the pavement writing their next full album, and we can’t wait for you all to hear this amazing new music in 2021! To stay up to date on all of The Jacks news, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel!