The Jacks’ Second Single, Just A Little Bit, Goes to Radio!

 The EDGEOUT Team is excited to announce that, after much success on streaming platforms, The Jacks’ “Just A Little Bit” will be making its way over to a Rock radio station near you! Their first single released this year in March, “Threw It All Away”, rose to the 48th spot on Alternative radio. To keep the momentum going for this breaking band, under these new circumstances, and after many requests from their fan base, a second single will be released. The revamped version of “Just A Little Bit” will be ‘just a little bit’ different than the original version, giving fans of the song a new listening experience and drawing in new fans with The Jacks signature sound!
This version of the track, for the time being, will be exclusive to Radio – so if you’d like to hear it played, be sure to call into your local stations and request it this coming August 15th!   If you’d like to heard the original version, and you haven’t already,  you can find both The Jacks’ debut, self-titled EP and  the ‘Remember You’ EP on all streaming platforms. If you miss their live performances, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel where they post energetic videos that mirror their live stage shows!