The Jacks + Fox Wilde + Creature Canyon at The Troubadour

The Jacks were the main act of the night and came on at 10:00. By this point, The Troubadour was filled to the brim with people fighting for a view. As the band set up, fans were already pretty hyped for their performance. Many were banging on the stage and cheering them on while waiting for the first song to be played.  The Jacks did not disapoint, since as soon as they played their first note, it was a party from start to finish. The Jacks comprise of Jonny Stanback on lead vocals and guitar, Thomas Hunter on lead guitar, Scott Stone on bass and Josh Roossin on the drums. All four musicians were equally skilled at their chosen instrument and displayed great on-stage chemistry staying in sync, with each instrument complementing the others. Hunter showed how technically adept he is when he played a guitar solo in several songs. Fans were ecstatic each time he would move to the front of the stage and perform. Stanback’s vocals were smooth and fit their songs very well as he gave off that very cool, laid-back feel that seems to be at the core of their band’s philosophy. Having read several other interviews with them, they have become pretty well-known for being labeled a “rock ‘n roll” band rather than just simply a “rock” band.” – CARMINA TAYLOR