The Jacks’ EPs Are Being ‘Reimagined’: Coming in September

September is an exciting month for The Jacks! Their second single,  “Just A Little Bit”, is about to hit radio – so get ready to hear it anywhere alternative or rock right around the 18th!  

We’re also excited to announce that their EP and the Remember You EP are being combined and revamped to fit two new vibes. The new EP set will feature all of your favorite songs, split into two EPs – one being comprised of up-beat banger, and the other embracing a more serene aesthetic. EDGEOUT is so excited to bring these new forms of The Jacks music to all of their fans, new and old; We hope you all enjoy it! 

In the meantime, The Jacks have been busy, working hard at writing their first full album, which will feature all of their signature sounds and their strongest music yet! To keep up with what is going down with The Jacks, be sure to follow them on all of their socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.