The Jacks Building Up a Rep for Good Rock n’ Roll Music

“In the modern era of the music industry, getting started can be a huge challenge. It can be hard to find a record label ready to take a chance, it can be hard to get any kind of airplay, and it can be hard to succeed with your own niche.”

However, with a band like THE JACKS, they are showing how it can be done as they work on their second EP as they prepare to put together a full album. The band’s self-titled EP was released on June 28.

“It’s going extremely well,” said bassist Scott Stone of the band that will play Friday, July 26 at The Troubadour. “Streaming is already at a million plays and social media has really had a good strong reaction to us.”

The band is Stone on bass, Jonny Stanback on guitar, Tom Hunter on guitar and Josh Roossin on drums. And to this day, people try to define their sound and label them.

“Yeah, people are always asking us how we define our sound, and it’s just rock and roll,” he said. “Maybe it’s an oversimplification, but too many people try to put us in a genre or a subgenre, but we are just a straight ahead rock and roll group.”

In fact, it’s part of the reason for the band’s name, since their musical stylings make them “jacks of all trades.”


-Jim Dial

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