Industry Insights – Styling an Artist’s Space

Kimberly Lake has worked for over two decades in live performance, commercials, music videos, TV & film, and behind the scenes with major recording artists, actors and actresses. Kim’s love for design and set decoration can be seen on most major networks. See below for our exclusive interview! 


1. Set styling, curating spaces, etc is a majorly important part of the creative process for artists and their creative vision—  but is often overlooked when people think “music industry jobs.” Tell me a little bit about yourself and what your daily role can look like when working with artists in the industry?

 “I started working in live performance almost twenty years ago! Award shows, music videos, commercials, then eventually I went into film and tv… Musicians and actors are very similar creatures artistically.

A musician steps into a role when they walk onto stage much like an actor does when a director yells “action.”

Being a decorator in this industry, it’s really crucial and important to me to create a space and an environment that takes them into the character they are portraying

It has to feel right and look right for an artist to do that!” 

2. Of all the projects you have worked on- is there a favorite that you have? Tell us a little about what that was like!

– “I’ve been really blessed throughout my career to have worked with so many incredible artists as well as actors and actresses and I could probably write a book about those experiences. I think what sticks out in my head most,  I had the honor of working on a mini series for ABC called Women of the Movement. 

The story of Mamie Till Mobley and the tragic murder of her son Emmett. We worked in the Delta, Greenwood Mississippi for 7 months… I lived in an old sharecroppers shanty in the Tallahatchie Flats. It was very humbling and grounding!

The shanty’s have the bare minimum of modern conveniences, so that was fun!  Lol

But the story we were telling is an important one, especially with what’s going on in our world today!” 

3. For those who are interested in this realm of the industry – How did you come to the role you are in now?

– “A few years ago, my two partners, Andy Boyles and Tyler Worrock, both Designers and Decorators, did the set dressing for a Jerry Lee Lewis documentary by T Bone at East Iris Studios.The team there loved what we had done and asked us to come in and help transform some of their spaces and we are still working with them which has been really fun hearing the feedback from their artists who record there!


Through East Iris, I was introduced to EDGEOUT and will hopefully be working with them on some projects.

My partners and I are currently working on a huge endeavor at a new rehearsal stage facility in Spring Hill TN, called Worldwide Stages.


The facility we are in was owned by the old Saturn plant which was built in the 80’s and it’s sat empty for over 10 years….

Seven buildings just under 400k square feet of horrible nasty carpets, wallpaper, we’ve had the job of transforming it into a place where artists walk in and their creative minds start spinning.


It’s been amazing to see it come back to life and to host artists like

Katy Perry, Bob Weir, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, etc.


When an artist is happy in a space, whether it’s their dressing room or in a hallway walking to the rehearsal stage, that’s the payback for us.

I love what I do!”