How To Make Your TikTok Sound Go Viral

A sure-fire way to get your song tons of streams is by getting it to go viral on TikTok – which is obviously easier said than done! But it is one of the most worthwhile endeavors, that can even bring new life to an old track. Take for example Mother Mother’s ‘Hayloft’ – this was the most popular song that the UK band had released, and it dropped in 2008. But in 2021, this song was picked up and paired with a trend on TikTok which skyrocketed its streams into the hundreds of millions!


Someone call PETA ##greenscreen ##ozzy ##bat ##fyp ##music

♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

To make your life just a little easier, here are some tips and tricks we’ve picked up on to help make your sound go viral:

1. How To Make A Sound & Submit Music

To make a sound on TikTok you have to create a video in the app and publish it – which will then make the sound available for all users to access as long as your profile is public. To submit music to TikTok, you must have your music distributed (independently or through your label) and be opted in to the ‘TikTok’ distribution. Yes, it really is that simple!

2. Making Your Sound / Song Trend

This part is less simple; while there are a million ways to rock a mic, there are just as many to make a trend happen. Here are some suggestions 

(2a). Jump on other trending topics, challenges, or fads on the app

       To find these trends, you have to use the app and explore it. Find what you think is funny, creative, or in your brand and participate!

(2b). Create content that helps you find your audience 

        This one may be obvious, but you need to practice making content and interacting with the app to better understand its ecosystem and where you fit. Trending sounds tend to be topical, comedic, or already popular – so if you can understand and utilize the two former, the latter won’t necessarily matter.

(2c). Muting your music, but using it in every video

         If you do find yourself with an audience, and you make regular content that is even just responding to comments – use your sound and mute it. Make a note of it in the comments – but don’t pressure anyone to use it. This will help your algorithmic data, and somewhat promote the song without it being completely ‘in your face’.

3. Create Content That Makes You Happy

On TikTok, being sincere and genuine will win you a lot of points. So be yourself, make content that you like – and don’t give up. It may take you one try or one hundred, but if you keep going, the algorithm will reward you.