Bluphoria: In the Studio with Mark Needham

As Bluphoria makes their way to Nashville, Tennessee to record their debut record with Mark Neeham – we wanted to take a momennt to spotlight the credibility and fruitful career Mark is widely known for! 

Mark Needham has been in the business for over 35 years, with a massive discography under his belt. He has worked with artists like: Imagine Dragons, Dolly Parton, Blue October, Blondie, Shakira,  and The Killers … just to name a few! Mark has been nominated for the Grammy’s over 10 times throughout his career, while winning both gold and platinum awards from Billboard, RIAA, BPI, ARIA, RIANZ and many more. You can check out his entire ‘trophy closet’ HERE! 

Mark is an overall music productionn guru – offering services for Mix Engineering, Recording Engineer/ Sound Engineer services and is a Professional Music Producer. Depending upon your needs Mark will travel on-site or provide Music Production Services in his private recording studio, Red Oak Studios. 

Mark’s reputationn proceeds him, with reputable industry folk and artists saying things like: 

I was first introduced to Mark Needham through Lindsey Buckingham over five years ago. Immediately I became aware of Mark’s deep knowledge as an engineer, but even more important, his mixing and producing skills. As an artist you can sometimes be too close to your music to make the right decision… Mark (Needham) is a great sounding board for that process. Most of all, I found Mark Needham to be an up front guy who is never afraid to give his honest opinion. For me, this is an incredible asset. – Mick FleetwoodCo-Founder, Fleetwood Mac 

You can check out more on Mark’s credibility and reputation HERE. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Bluphoria as they get into the studio with Mark Needham- and of course for the incredible record that is sure to follow after their time spent inn Nashville!