Bluphoria: Oregon’ Underground Music Scene

Our Oregon based band, Bluphoria, has been making their mark on the local underground music scene- and you’ll never guess where? Backyards! Still in development with EDGEOUT, this young band is taking the live-scene bull by the horns- playing over five backyard concerts to large and energetic crowds! Now we know what you’re thinking.. And don’t worry! All shows were “Covid-Safe!” 

Frontman Reign LaFreniere says

“Doing shows again reminds me of how powerful music and having a community is, especially after being cooped up for an entire year with the pandemic. One of the craziest moments of the year for us was putting on a secret show in our backyard- then having 200 plus people show up and start singing our lyrics back to us!” 


Talk about a “wow” moment! When they aren’t hosting a local jam session, the band has been busy at work in the studio recording demo tracks for the label – working heavily in conjunction with EDGEOUT’s Head of A&R/ Artist Development, Cheryl Benson-Guanci. 

You can watch the band’s most recent live content HERE.