Bluphoria: Applying EOR Development Online

As Bluphoria comes to the tail end of their development program at EDGEOUT the band exemplifies just how important it is to market yourself as an artist online. The music industry has quickly evolved into a predominately “social media – marketed” space – where artist’s in the business must make themselves stand out on each densely saturated social media platform. 

As a young band from Euguene, Oregon, Bluphoria has taken the social media bull by the horns – especially on TikTok! In just a few short months, the band has acquired over 67 thousand followers on the platform – with content ranging from musical, personal and comedic! 

You can also look forward to more Bluphoria updates as they are anticipating heading into the studio this fall to record their debut album. Keep in touch with the band by Bluphoria on TikTok HERE, as well as all other social platforms @bluphoriaband.