Back TO BASSICS: Your Image and Brand

A monthly A&R blog, written by EDGEOUT’s own Founder and Head of Artist Development, Cheryl-Benson Guanci. 


“As an artist in the business the way you present yourself is very important to your overall identity and how you are perceived.


Your look, vibe and vocal attitude, needs to strongly represent your band’s music, your live performance and your individual personality. 


Each member of your band, whether you play rhythm or lead, needs to have their own original image that is consistent with your bands overall style, persona and brand. 


You need to stand out!! DO NOT just BLEND in or be just typical.


Don’t leave your house without looking like a ROCK STAR!


How you market your band’s brand everyday is important to how your audience connects with you and how new fans discover you, especially on tour, PR/ interviews and on social media. 


You do not want your fans to feel a disconnect in their different experiences with you. Put it this way, if I’ve heard your music, and have an idea of what you look like, then when I go to see you perform live and then meet you in person – there should be no major differences in what I was expecting and what I experienced.


Remember this good old saying….  If it walks like a Duck, looks like a Duck, and sounds like a Duck, then it must be a DUCK!!!


Consistently promoting and branding your image through social media and other opportunities like sponsorships, and promotional activities, will only further your success at growing your fanbase


So cut thru with all around STYLE!!!

Consistency breeds SUCCESS!!!!



-Cheryl Benson-Guanci