Back to Bassics: What You Don’t WANT to Hear- But NEED to!

I love Bruce Springsteen’s quote from the Rolling Stone magazine documentary. 


“Surround yourself with people in the business who are going to tell you what you DON’T want to hear – not with people who tell you what you want to hear. There’s enough of them around. “


As an artist in the business, it’s really important to understand that it takes a hard-working village to “break a band”… And then a city to keep working harder with you, so your greatest potential and overall success can be achieved!


From creating your sound and music, to your image, brand and live performance, to your good hustle and overall self-promotion, you will hear many voices telling you many different things. Everyday!


Throughout your career, the industry people you choose to surround yourself with, must provide you with their very BEST knowledge, advice and experience. 


It’s not about being RIGHT, it’s about what’s BEST. 


A good majority of the time, in this industry – you will hear things you don’t want to hear.


You may feel like you’re being insulted on your artistry, attacked on what you think is cool, and at times- maybe even feel that you are being bullied or pressured to do something bigger and better. 


Here’s my advice: Suck it up and compromise to what’s best and fair. Put your big boy pants on. Your voice is heard when it’s fair and reasonable to what for the best. 


This industry is not for the lazy, the entitled excuse maker or winners…

Everybody doesn’t get a trophy in in this field! 


If you ignore, blame or choose NOT to communicate your “fair” thoughts and opinions, or try to meet in in the middle – you will truly be disappointed and feel angry. 


You will either act in what you know, or you won’t care. 

The music business does nnot have the time or the patience for the latter. They can’t or won’t care MORE than you! 


WHY? Well, because they are already onto the next one! 



Cheryl Benson-Guanci