Back To Bassics: Selecting The Single


As an artist in the business, it is incredibly important that the label feels you have a single(s) in your album repertoire, before introducing your music to the world.

We need a song that best represents your unique sound, your signature identities, has solid structure and a great hook that will connect with the masses!

Most of the time, this is your strongest song…However, it may not be the one that you – the artist- feel is your personal favorite, or the lead track you would like us to launch.

It is the labels’ goal to choose a song (and then a follow up song) that we feel has the best shot at making that instant connection with the listener and eventually will be played on the radio.


This is super important for the launch of a young developing signed Artist and or Band when they first get introduced to the world.

Before we launch, the label also needs to see that your look, style, live performance, image, brand, and story are all solid– and in alignment with your signature sound/music.

There needs to be an instant connection with what we see and what we hear. This is a MUST!

No matter how successful you are in your career… Or how many times you have been down this road, the label will not toss out music for the sake of simply getting your music out. They will make sure that a strong music is present and then choose that lead single.

Once we feel your music and your image is cohesive and has that best possible shot at success, we will then set a date to launch your first song.

Remeber, consistency breeds success!