Back to Bassics: Personal Wellness

As an artist in the music business, each individual member’s  personal wellness is a key element to the success of your musical journey. 

 While you navigate your career, you will need to prioritize your physical and emotional well- being.


Your mental and physical health affects you… AND everyone around you. From your bandmates and business team, to your friends, family and fans! 


As a signed artist in the business,  it’s your “job” to show up every day and put your best foot forward. 

Better Hustle =  Better Productivity = Better Every day!


You should always want to give everyone your very best. However, there will be times that people will  be needing a bit more from you. 

Therefore, you must learn to clearly understand, communicate, and share your feelings – good or bad- with the people around you!


You need to build trust with your team and the necessary boundaries that will help you perform to the greatest of your ability. 


A few very important things to consider….

Communication is integral in this business!

The choices you make are your own responsibility!

Set daily goals, structure and consistent discipline to help you garner those levels of achievement and success.


Your team is there to help guide and support you. But….. WILL NOT DO THE WORK FOR YOU-



It all starts and ends with YOU! 


– Cheryl Benson-Guanci