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“As a musician and a live performer, it is incredibly important for you and your craft, that your live stage shows and performance is met with solid reviews and exceeds audience expectation.  

Fans are paying money to come see you put on a show that is high energy and displays great showmanship and a stage look that represents and heightens your brand. (persona?)

Don’t be that typical band that just BELNDS IN!! STAND OUT!

You need to come up with that great show, that displays a tightly played performance, that exudes solid emotion, incredible movement, bolsters crowd energy and your own sweat. 

Just standing at a microphone and playing your part – doesn’t cut it.

A live set needs to be well planned out, choreographed, designed and rehearsed to ensure that all you have brought to the table, and WILL be left on the stage!

Yes choregraphed!!! Just as Rock Stars- KISS, Mick Jagger and Tina Turner.

Rehearsing moves that cut thru every song, and critiquing yourself, is the only way you will get better! 

Mirrors and play back videos are a performers best friend.  Spend the time.

Fans want to hear your well-known songs played like they know them, and want you really sell them with your intoxicating showmanship.

You want people to leave the building knowing that they got their money’s worth! 

Every single cent!



Cheryl Benson-Guanci