Back to Bassics: The Hustle!


As an artist in this business, you’ve identified your sound. You have a written a single and record that best represents that sound. You have a cool image-brand and a great stage Prescence that capsulates, and good social media presence. So, what are you missing and must have????…THE HUSTLE!!!

There are two types of HUSTLE. GOOD HUSTLE and BAD HUSTLE.

In the music business, just having “The HUSTLE” won’t give you productive movement OR successful results! 

Too many artists get complaisant and just spending time thinking – but not doing, making excuses, for their lack of productivity, and arguing that they know what’s right as appose to “contributing” to what THE BEST! 

This, I call being ‘busy in the head!’ That where disgruntle, blame and the fall out happens. Time wasted!  No action! No productive results, and that is.. well, BAD HUSTLE!!!

The music business is all about your partnerships and the effective hard work, EVERY DAY – you put into your relationship’s, opportunities and obligations. What you DO!

Your partner won’t work harder or want it more than you. That’s a standard! Don’t think different!!!

Listen and communicate with your partners, have a scope of work every day to improve on what’s needed to cut through. You must be proactive and results driven…and most importantly,  ACT ON YOUR WORDS!!!

Now that’s GOOD HUSTLE!


– Cheryl