Back to Bassics: Dress for Success!

Dress for Success

   As an artist in the business, you have an image and a brand to project and sell to not only your fans, but the masses!  

It is important that you consistently sound, look and act your part… EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

It needs to be a priority from the time you wake up to the time you rest. 

Think of yourself as an “actor in character” in a movie, or play that has multiple showtimes. 

 A massive part of that overall image is “dressing for success”.


   Take a look at your overall genre and the style within it… from your clothes, accessories, your hair, make-up – down to the way you work the look. This is something you must do in order to stand out in this business! 

 Remember, This is your job! 


   The goal is to have people turn their heads when you walk by, when you enter a room or sit in a restaurant – or, when you roam around or attend an event, and of course at your own show! 

 You want people to say “who’s that??  or, instantly recognize “that’s a musician”  that has “cool style” or best yet…”that’s a rock star!” Bottom line…  you want them to at least think you are a “somebody” in the music business. 

 A big part of achieving this is in what you choose to wear…

A great starting point or rule of thumb…Don’t Blend In…STAND OUT!!! You need to make a statement!! 


In failing to consider your style, you could lose an opportunity on any regular day… Don’t! You never know who’s in the room! 

Draw them in by your style. Create intrigue and mystique everywhere you go with a style and vibe, so people want to know who you are, want to meet you, or better yet become a supporter of your music! 

Successful artists do this every day because they know that their image and their brand is a business and is a major part of their career.

 Most importantly, they love what they do and that “character” in the “movie”  that they have chosen to be in – as an artist in the business!