Back to Bassics: Being an Artist in the Business

As a signed artist in the music business, staying consistent to your sound, image and brand, yet continuing to be creatively effective within that identity, is one of hardest things for an artist to continually do. 

Why? Because the results may not be instantly gratifying, what you expected, feel you deserve, or what you believe is successful! 

It’s incredibly hard to reach those amazing results and expectations, but not impossible. 

In the business of music, It takes a group of experienced passionate people who work with you, as a team, in a partnership, to help build your artist house on a solid foundation. 

Fighting that team, not communicating, needing constant control, and thinking you know everything that’s right, not what’s best, will only give you a shaking foundation. 

 Something that may look nice for a bit, but ultimately will fade, then breakdown. 

“Short term gain. Long term pain!”

This business is about short-term pain with long- term gain.


You have to absolutely like what you do, have that fire in your belly, have tough skin, understand the business, work hard, have “great hustle” and respect the process. 

If not, you won’t get what you ultimately want or feel you deserve. 

 You will become frustrated, then bitter, blame cast and then ultimately give up! 

The hard road to make it in the music business is NOT easy, and the build out takes time and lots of effective hustle. 


As Bruce Springsteen says …In the music business, you need to surround yourself with people who tell you what you DON’T want to hear. 

 If you do decide being an artist in the business is not for you, at least you can say you built a solid foundation to show for it. 


– Cheryl Benson- Guanci