Back to BASSics: An Artist’s “Sound” Identity and Signatures

 As an A&R professional who signs young talent in the ROCK space, I seek out artists that have a SOUND that is “Instantly Familiar, but Uniquely Different.” 

It is paramount that an artist or band’s “core” sound be distinct–not invisible. 

From their driving beats and rhythms, to their signature guitar tones and distinguished lead vocals, are those elements that are key to my ear. 

I look for a consistency in that sound, its identified sub genres, and a strong building of those core signatures- song after song. 

I want to hear that immediately – right out of the gate! 

 “Consistency Breeds Success!”


The way I listen, you have 10 seconds to sell me. 

I DO NOT want a sound that resembles someone else, comes across as a tribute band, or just BLENDS in. 

I DO NOT want anyone to be confused as to who this artist is, when they listen to their music. I want them to know instantly. Remember the 10 second rule! 


I DO WANT a unique sound and a distinguished vocal together- that cuts through! 



Cheryl Benson-Guanci 

Head of A&R and Artist Development at EDGEOUT Records