5 things you need to know about The Jacks

By: Sari Cohen  AXS Contributor Feb 12, 2019 6 days ago

EDGEOUT RECORDS has begun their new venture and have officially signed The Jacks as their very first artist. The label (exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group) was founded by Tony Guanci and team in 2018, with the purpose of discovering up-and-coming rock musicians.

Enter The Jacks. The band is comprised of Jonny Stanback (vocals/guitar), Tom Hunter (guitar/vocals), Scott Stone (bass/vocals), and Josh Roossin (drums). Reminiscent of artists such as The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant, the group pulls inspiration from the British Invasion while echoing the same southern rock sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s. As The Jacks forge their own path in the 21st-century, they are redefining how we look at rock n’ roll today.

With new music and a lineup of shows on the horizon (including Danny Wimmer Presents’ Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival), we thought it would be the perfect time to learn more about the Southern California band known as, The Jacks.

Here’s a fun fact right off the bat: The Jacks got their name from a fan. About two years ago, the band was playing a cover show. One night, they were approached by someone in the audience who complimented them on their ability to master both new and old music. He referred to them as being “the jacks of all trades.” The guys ran with it, and it stuck.

5. They are childhood friends

These Orange County boys go back a long time. While they’re each in their early to mid-20s, and just breaking onto the scene, their journey was actually set into motion over a decade ago. It began in Stone’s garage when he and Hunter first started playing music together in middle school. The boys met Roossin in high school and Stanback in college. Stone, Hunter, and Stanback got the ball rolling, and were later joined by Roossin. They now consider themselves to be brothers. They write their own music and perform all of their songs with passion and authenticity.

  4. They gave up a major record deal

The Jacks won a KLOS contest in 2017 but chose not to pursue their major label contract because they felt it was not the right move for the band at the time. Even though coming in first for the KLOS 95.5 “neXt2rock” competition was a huge step in the direction of their dreams, the boys knew that they wanted to pursue other avenues. They were subsequently approached by EDGEOUT about a year-and-a-half ago and inked their contract with them roughly a month ago. Next up is working in the studio. They’ll be collaborating with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5) and hope to release their first single in the middle of May. Their summertime will likely be spent on tour.

3. They pull from many influences

The Jacks’ sound is derived from a wide range of individual influences. They all have different tastes, but each one contributes to their style. Hunter’s favorite band is Led Zeppelin, Stone’s is The Who, Stanback’s is Oasis, while Roossin’s is somewhere between David Bowie and The Growlers. They all love The Rolling Stones and consider them to be at the very top of their list.

2. They like to keep things simple

The Jacks like simplicity in their sound. The music they create is not just from their abilities, but it’s also from their limitations because they choose not to utilize certain technology. That way they stay authentic to themselves. They keep it just as simple as they can with two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. They don’t really use any backing tracks or any laptops. Their goal is to be as stripped-down as possible with their music.

1. They are a “rock n’ roll band”

The Jacks often tell people that they are not a “rock band,” but rather; they are a “rock n’ roll band.” It stems from their belief that a lot of rock bands lose a certain feel, referring to the playfulness and upbeat attitude that rock n’ roll has. These guys embody that. To them, real rock n’ roll is a fun, simple and lighthearted thing that means a lot to people. It can influence people’s lives, but, it also means never taking yourself too seriously. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying everything you can. According to The Jacks, it’s more about the spirit of music than the sound itself.

For more on The Jacks, you can visit their website.