ASHBA – New Announcements, Merch and More!

ASHBA has been busier than ever curating new products for his #abductedfamily. 

This includes an entirely new line of ASHBA Apparel, a partnership with ALT ZERO, creation of a new website, AND reviving an ASHBALAND chat room where users can create their own avatars and interact online with the artists himself, regularly! 

A statement from ASHBA regarding all of the above –

“Hey fam- my apologies for being so quiet lately and not posting much. I have been working for months on end designing a whole new kick ass apparel line for all of you! I painstakingly designed and ordered samples checking quality/feel/look/print and couldn’t be more happy with the results. 


This is the highest quality designs and clothing that I’ve ever done to date and I am proud to launch this new chapter!! The new line will include custom cut hoodies, foot wear, tees, tanks, accessories and much more! I have also teamed up with ALT ZERO and will be launching my own vape line! 


Along with this new store I have redesigned a brand new website which will be launching very soon as well. Great news to all of the ASHBALAND Haunted Mansion chatters from back in the day, I am designing a chat room where you will be able to pick your own avatar and come chat live with me on a regular basis!! Fun stuff to come!! Oh and my new single is being mastered as we speak and I have an amazing feature on it which I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned! #GDM”