ASHBA Media: Planet 13 Project

“Planet 13 Orange County, billed as the largest cannabis store in California, will open to the public on Thursday, July 1, in Santa Ana, but had a preview night showcasing its eye-catching decor and rows of product.

Guests “splashed” in front of an 80-foot digital waterfall that falls from the ceiling to the interactive floor, which can be programmed with various effects. The superstore is a companion to Planet 13’s three-year-old Las Vegas location, which claims the title of largest cannabis store in the world.” (Source)

EDGEOUT artist, ASHBA, oversaw this entire project with his company ASHBA MEDIA. A creative genius both inside and outside of the music industry, ASHBA and his team created an 80-foot digital waterfall, 20-foot octopus, VW bus and LED walls/flooring for Planet 13- all from within his Las Vegas studio/warehouse!

You can view the pieces he created here