ASHBA: A Live Show Like Never Before

ASHBA has been working relentlessly on a live show that will leave attendees speechless. Our Las Vegas based artist has spent his days at his local studio/warehouse- where he has curated an entire live show from scratch. In-house craftsmanship of props, a new DJ mask, a customized stage have been in the works; tied together with a full set of dancers, three-dimensional screenplay, a talented back up DJ, mesmerizing screenplay and of course- ASHBA’s electrifying guitar riffs. Of course, the essentials of lights, pyrotechnics and fog to be included! 


In describing the show, he stated  on his website that “This show is like no other. Mixing and morphing multiple genres while featuring top artists on each track- these unique sounds will turn massive crowds into raging parties! Earth-shattering walls of guitar will relentlessly crush the crowds of abducted fans around the world!” 

Stay tuned for live show dates, and in the meantime you can follow the show’s progress on ASHBA’s Instagram!