ASHBA Finishes His Live Space

Since his signing in March of last year, ASHBA has been patiently waiting for the live scene to come back. His innovative ‘Las Vegas Sound’ was created with the performance aspect of the music in mind. Though his music makes us want to say, ‘Let’s Dance’ socially distanced, ASHBA’s music will only be more electrifying when he is able to perform it at festivals, in front of thousands of his fans. 

Festivals won’t be back until at least the fall, however, ASHBA has found a safe way around this. He has built an entire live practice space, set up specifically for live-streamed performances. The thousand square foot room has everything he needs to create a virtual experience close to what his fans would experience at an in-person performance. 

ASHBA, with the help of his contacting team, built the 3 foot by 15-foot stage, and installed as many screens as they could to make the experience as immersive as possible. The signature ASHBA all-black room is packed with his signature guitars, DJ equipment, and a sound system that could shake Las Vegas. 

Be on the lookout for live-streamed performances by the one and only ASHBA.