AntiMusic’s Melody Makers Review ASHBA

As the world went silent March 2020, little did we all know the musical genius of DJ ASHBA was already hunkered down in his Vegas home studio creating wildly new innovative music.

The ability to “pivot” has never been more crucial than right now, and artists like ASHBA are being successful in this new music climate. Taking risks and being unapologetic in his creative aspirations is just who ASHBA is. Thinking way outside the box and taking a creative leap into a genre of music outside of the rock world has afforded ASHBA new creative expression and success into the world of EDM. His new 2020 releases are quintessential examples of a music evolution without and bringing innovative music to a world of listeners in a time like no other.

Being signed to EDGEOUT Records/Universal Music Group/Ume in early 2020, ASHBA has found a team who not only support his musical vision but allow him full artistic freedom over every aspect of this project. The musical labor of love for the seasoned songwriter, producer, musician and guitar virtuoso is the first time ASHBA has had his fingers on the pulse of every aspect of his art ensuring the music is 100% his dream come to fruition. His appreciation for the support of his vision from the EDGEOUT Team has enabled this project of new rock infused EDM music to hit hard and heavy with listeners across the genres. “I finally have 100% artistic freedom, but I’m just such an artist that I’ve never been able to truly get the music from myself to the listeners without it being filtered in the process. I think that’s the most important thing right now is getting the music right from my heart. I have such a great team over there at EDGEOUT, they have the balls to take a chance on this,” ASHBA noted.

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