American Songwriter – The Revelries See the Bigger Picture on “Cliché Love”

Beau Bailey was always fascinated with an unreal love—the one you only see in the movies—and kept writing with The Revelries until he captured just the right song around such an affair of the heart.

“‘Cliché Love’ is all about searching for that crazy, head-over-heels, dramatic, Hollywood movie-love, like the super cheesy, Jack holding Rose on the bow of the Titanic, or the epic kissing-in-the-rain scene in The Notebook-type love,” says Bailey. “To be honest, I’m not 100 percent sure if that kind of love actually exists in the real world, but I wanted to write the lyrics about chasing after that idea.”

The first single for the Nashville-based trio, consisting of singer Bailey, guitarist Logan Maggio and drummer John Lewis, since their 2019 release After 7, “Cliché Love,” out today via EDGEOUT Records, is a super pop anthem circling around a romance like no other, floating back to its core sentiment, I want that burnin’ fire, getting higher, movie stuff.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Matt Wallace (The Replacements, Faith No More, Maroon 5), “Cliché Love” initially started as an instrumental composed by Maggio. Experimenting with writing it as a parody one night with their manager and a few bottles of wine in tow, Lewis and Maggio transformed the riff from that song and turned it into a Revelries song.