Rock The Voice: Overcoming Stage Fright

 Rock The Voice: Overcoming Stage Fright as a Singer 


Stage fright is a real thing, and any singer will tell you that singing in front of a few people, hundreds or thousands can cause extreme anxiety. There’s always a fear of singing the wrong note, messing up or forgetting the words. I recall having fears of singing in front of intimate and large crowds. The thought of standing in front of an audience to sing scared me to the point where sometimes I would hate to book shows. As we all know, you cannot let fear get in the way if you want to be an artist in this business. Understand you’re not alone, and many Rock artists that we know of such as Ozzy Osborne, Eddie Van Halen, Harry Styles, and many more have suffered from stage fright.


You must find the place in your heart where you’re comfortable and confident in your ability as an artist and what you will deliver. Fear takes root and it turns into second guessing yourself, and you will begin to self-sabotage. That turns into you comparing yourself and thinking you’re not good enough. Many artists often self-medicate and turn to substances to take away the anxiety and feel comfortable performing on stage. You don’t want to be that artist, and that is how addictions form.


As a singer, you must push through the nervousness and understand it’s a natural feeling. I’m often asked, “How do you stand in front of thousands to perform The National Anthem?” Although the song is short, it’s acapella, so every note is heard, and there are no room for errors. That’s a lot of pressure! I recall my first major sports performance was for Nascar in front of over 70,000 people, and it was televised. Leading up to the day I was extremely nervous, but I knew I had to conquer that fear and believe in myself as a singer. Understand your voice is a gift to the world! 


The tips below are some of the things I’ve done before performing, and what I continue to do to this day.

  • Have a great support system around you that can cheer you on at your shows.


  • Meditate and speak positive affirmations about your performance.


  • Practice deep breathing exercises and ensure you do vocal warm-ups.


  • Try not to focus on being nervous and messing up. As the saying goes, “Where Your Attention Goes, Your Energy Flows.” But if you happen to mess up, keep going as if nothing happened.


  • Do not result in consuming coffee, alcohol or taking stimulants to get rid of the jitters. It’s not good for you, and it will only ruin a great performance, and impair your ability to sing well.


  • Confidence is key, and confidence comes with preparation. Make sure you are well prepared for your shows, and you practice. The more you prepare, the less nervous you will feel when singing.


  • Keep your eyes focused on an object in front of you, or the wall in the back of the venue until the nervousness fades and you can connect with your audience.


  • Focus on the emotion of the song you’re singing. Sometimes randomly closing your eyes for a few seconds while singing will take your mind off the nervous feeling, and it will create emotion.



-Candice Ferguson