Rock The Voice: Giving a Memorable Performance

Candice Ferguson is EDGEOUT’s very own Label/ A&R Administrator.

As an Edgeout Team Member, Candice brings over 10 years of experience in Music & Business. She pursued Music as an artist, and has worked with successful Grammy Nominated writers and producers. Candice has also sung the national Anthem for various sports teams such as NASCAR, the Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Sparks. She has a wealth of knowledge in Music and over the last few years, she has worked as an A&R Assistant and Assistant to a Music Producer. 


Giving A Memorable Performance

There’s more to giving an incredible live performance than standing on stage singing. You must know how to give a compelling performance that grabs the audience and leaves them wanting more. 

Recently I saw the Vista Kicks (a band from Sacramento) at their sold-out show in LA!

(You can see footage from their performance HERE). 

The audience sang every song, and the band put on such a great show the crowd chanted one more song for nearly 5 minutes after they finished. The band was forced to come back out and give the audience what they wanted. Vista Kicks ended the night performing not one, but a few more tunes. This is the type of response you want to receive when you are finished performing. You want to leave the show having gained more fans, and for the people who were there to talk about how amazing you were, and to want to attend more of your shows. 

Here are some tips on giving a memorable performance!

Performance Tip #1 – DRESS THE PART – Make sure you look like a Rock Star! Put a lot of thought into your outfit. As the saying goes, “If you look good, you’ll feel good,” and I believe if you feel good, it can boost your confidence while performing. 

Performance Tip #2 – WARM UP: Make sure you warm up your voice before performing by doing various vocal warm-ups.  It will help you sing well.

Performance Tip #3 – HAVE A SET LIST: A rule of thumb is to always have a set list and a few extra songs, and maybe some covers rehearsed in case you have to perform more songs. 

Performance Tip #4 – BE PREPARED: Practice regularly before your show. Practice in front of a mirror so you can see how you move. Record your rehearsals and take notes so you can see what you need to do differently.  Make sure you memorize your music and lyrics. There is nothing worse than performing and forgetting the words to one of your songs because you didn’t take the time to commit to memorizing your lyrics and music. 

Performance Tip #6 – DON’T STAND STIFF: Always remember, standing stiff and uncomfortable reveals nervousness. Find moments to move around on stage, but don’t wander around. Always know where you intend to go and stand – this can be accomplished in rehearsal. At times pivot your body so you’re facing in a different direction. The slightest movement can make a big difference. Another tip, and one that will keep the crowd’s energy going is to rock out with your band members. 

Performance Tip #7 – ENGAGE WITH THE CROWD: When you’re not singing, engage with the crowd. Tell short stories about your songs. Introduce yourself and your band members and talk between songs. Crowd participation is always a great idea. Ask the crowd to do a call and response, or to chant parts of your song. You can also talk to the crowd and tell them to scream/make noise if they are having a good time, or ask questions like, “How’s everyone doing tonight?” 

Performance Tip #8 – MAKE EYE CONTACT: When you’re singing, smile and make eye contact with the audience. Look people in their eyes and sing to them. Making eye contact will allow the crowd to connect with you.

If you want to have a memorable show, standing and singing won’t be enough to make them remember you. You have to keep the crowd hooked!  

– Candice