Rock The Voice: Emotion in Vocals

Bringing Out the Emotion in Your Songs

There’s no greater feeling than a fan streaming a song or going to a concert and hearing their favorite band or singer perform and being filled with emotion because they felt every lyric. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and it has the ability to move us into different emotions from being happy, sad, or angry depending on the vibe, lyrics, and beat. As a singer, it’s important to make sure you bring life to your songs through emotion so your audience can feel the story you’re telling. You want your audience to connect with you, and one of the ways they will be able to do this is by connecting to the song. Lyrics are powerful, but also being able to translate those lyrics in a way that moves people and can evoke emotion is what hooks them. 

Here are some tips to bring out the emotion in your music

1.     Connect the song to personal experiences. For example:  If you’re singing a song about a breakup, put yourself into character while singing to channel the emotion

2.     Sing with passion and put emphasis on certain words and lines that stand out in the song.

3.     Using body language and facial expressions are important. The slightest facial expression, gesture or body language when singing certain lines and words can change the way you feel when singing. 

4.     Make the song your own (this goes for covers.) If you’re singing a cover, it’s always a good rule of thumb to make it your own, and don’t try to imitate the original artist. 

5.     Practice speaking your lyrics in front of a mirror as if you are having a conversation. – This is something I learned in an acting class. If you speak your lyrics, you will be able to identify the parts that call for different emotions. You’ll remember this when performing. 



–  Candice F.