Rock The Voice: 5 Things to Avoid for Vocals

5 Things Singers Should Avoid Before a Recording Session or Performance

Caring for your voice has a lot to do with your diet, and consuming the wrong foods can have a direct effect on the way your voice sounds. Consuming the wrong foods can alter your pitch, cause you to sound nasally, and prevent you from hitting notes. You want to make sure you give yourself and your voice a strong chance to perform at its best.

Here are five foods to avoid the day of your recording session or performance. I typically like to avoid them all at least 2 days before I sing. 


Caffeine: It dehydrates the vocal cords and can increase anxiety.

All Dairy Products: Causes mucus buildup in the back of your throat, and it can cause your voice to crack. You will constantly have to clear your throat while singing.

Spicy Food: Spicy foods irritate the throat and can cause acid reflux and hoarseness.

Alcohol: Alcohol reduces vocal control and can decrease your breath support and dehydrate the voice. It can alter your behavior while singing and can cause you to sound raspy and lower your pitch. 

Cold Water: It restricts the throat and numbs your vocal cords which causes a loss of flexibility. 

Heavy & Fatty Foods: It causes a buildup of mucus on your vocal cords. Causes sluggishness and can cause indigestion.

Carbonated Drinks: Causes a buildup of gas in the stomach, and digestive interruptions which will make you feel uncomfortable when singing.

Some of the foods you can eat are fruits and veggies, lean meat, you can drink herbal decaffeinated tea, honey, and always drink warm water. 



– Candice Ferguson